Protecting Your Home When You’re On Vacation

Going on a holiday should be about relaxation. Having said this, there are so many things that might worry you while you’re away! Did you lock all the doors? Did you appoint someone to check on the house from time to time?

If you’re going away this season, follow these simple tips to protect your home.

Cover the basics
Just over a third of burglars gain access to homes simply by walking in through the front door. Before you go away, make sure all your doors and windows are locked. Use deadbolts as well, just to be extra safe.

For doors and windows that slide open, an effective measure is placing a wooden or metal rod in the slide track to prevent potential thieves from prying it open.

Quite often, vacation goers will leave items like ladders or tools on their property in plain sight. These can be assets to burglars who are trying to break into your home, and should thus be stored away safely.

Additionally, a safety deposit box is a great idea for storing precious jewelry or important documents.

Solicit the help of family, friends and neighbours

It never hurts to have someone you trust keep a watchful eye on your property while you are on vacation. Picking up mail, shoveling the driveway and other simple tasks gives the impression that the home is inhabited.

Technology Helps

Set up security cameras outside your house, and program lights, stereos and TVs to turn on automatically at certain times so that it looks like someone is home. An alarm system is also an incredibly helpful security measure whether you travel or not. Did you know that 78% of burglars admitted that an alarm system dissuaded them from burglarizing homes?

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media allows people to “check in” at certain geographical locations. While this is a fun practice that would never have been possible years ago, it can also tip off potential criminals, letting them know exactly when and how long you will be away. Almost 80% of ex-robbers credit social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with providing information that helped them to plan their crimes.

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

Before you go away, be sure to shut your water off completely and flush toilets to drain excess water. This is an effective way to prevent pipes from freezing or flooding.

Touch Base With Your Insurance Company Just To Be Safe

Call your insurance broker and let them know that you are going away. They will let you know your options as far as travel insurance and also what your home policy covers. Planning a trip soon? Contact a Regal Insurance Broker now.