Tenant’s Insurance

In the Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge and London areas, Regal Insurance Brokers have been serving these communities and their residents since 1984.  With over 30 year’s experience, we are one of the largest family-owned business in the area.  We provide you with the utmost in personalized service that is matched and customized to suit your specific needs. This includes home, auto, life, commercial and tenant insurance coverage.  We customize our insurance policies with excellence and the very latest products available in the industry, as well as great pricing.  Every individual client is special to us and we pride ourselves on ultimate customer service. From the time you obtain a policy through Regal Insurance Brokers, right through the claims process, we are there for you!

Why Renter’s Insurance?

Tenant's Insurance

Every tenant needs renters insurance! Although your landlord carries coverage on the actual building itself, this does not include contents insurance on your personal belongings such as furniture, valuables, and personal items. In addition, if you have a home office with electronic equipment such as a laptop, printer, or other expensive equipment, having tenant insurance coverage is even more imperative. It is vitally important to obtain a tenant insurance quote in order to acquire a separate tenant insurance policy.  Your landlord will have insurance coverage on all the common areas of your building if you live in an apartment or condo complex. There is likely a mandatory clause in your lease which requires you to have a tenant insurance policy.

Additional Benefits of Obtaining A Tenant Insurance Quote

Contents insurance covers your personal belongings while the liability portion of your policy covers other unforeseen events. You are not held legally responsible if someone were to be injured in your unit or if damage occurs to the building.  For example, in a slip and fall accident, you are protected.  If a fire were to spread to an adjacent apartment, you are protected. Inadvertent damage that you may cause to your building is also covered.  So many things can happen, but with Regal Tenant Insurance, you can be confident that you are protected.  You have worked hard to acquire what you have. Be sure that, as a tenant, all your belongings, as well as unexpected accidents, are covered by your customized policy

What Happens After A Claim?

When you obtain a tenant insurance quote from our team of professionals, your coverage goes beyond your losses. If you are forced out of your building because of fire or smoke damage, your tenant insurance pays for any additional expenses you may have. These include hotel charges, meals and also moving costs, if necessary. Once you obtain tenant insurance through Regal Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that not only is our insurance very affordable, but that you will have peace of mind each and every day.