The Importance of Buying Travel Insurance

A vacation is an exciting time. Your bags are packed, and you’re looking forward to enjoying your destination.

But if you haven’t purchased travel insurance, one unfortunate event could spoil your plans and possibly have major consequences that last long after you’ve returned home.

Bob is a 65-year old retired mechanic from Kitchener. He and his wife Doreen are in Boston for a long-awaited visit with their son and daughter-in-law. As they sit around the dinner table, suddenly Bob gets a sharp pain in his chest.

“Are you okay?” his concerned family members ask.
“Call an ambulance” Bob says in a weak voice.

After rushing Bob to the hospital, the Doctors report that Bob has had a heart attack and will require emergency bypass surgery.

“The surgery will cost $200,000,” a hospital worker reports. “Don’t worry, your insurance will cover it…”

Doreen is sick to her stomach.

Oh no. We didn’t buy travel insurance…

Bob and Doreen are one month away from paying off their mortgage. With the hospital costs and exchange rate, Bob’s heart attack lands them back at square one financially.


While this is a worst-case scenario, travel insurance would have covered the costs of Bob’s operation, hospital stay, ambulance ride and incidentals. Having never purchased it, he and his wife now find themselves stuck with an enormous financial loss and the stress that comes with it.

Travel insurance would also have covered more minor incidents. Things like losses resulting from flight delays (hotel vouchers, meals, transit), and when luggage or valuables are stolen.

It would cover cancellation costs in case of personal emergencies. Travel insurance also allows you to cancel your trip if terrorism, war, disease or natural disasters break out in the destination you are about to visit.

Now let’s take you back in time to a week before Bob & Doreen’s trip:

Doreen: I just remembered, we didn’t buy travel insurance.
Bob: Pfft, we don’t need travel insurance…
Doreen: We don’t need it now

They exchange a knowing glance.

Bob calls his travel insurance broker at Regal. In one easy phone call, he secures a policy that will allow he and his wife to travel with peace of mind, relax, and enjoy their vacation.

Regal is happy to provide all of your travel insurance needs. So, give us a call.

It’s a lot easier than going back in time.