High-Risk Insurance Brokers

At Regal, our mission is to connect each of our clients with the best option available for them. Our high-risk insurance brokers have developed partnerships in the industry over the course of our 30+ years in business. Family owned and operated, Regal Insurance Brokers works as your trusted advisor, taking the time to walk you through each of your options thoroughly to ensure you understand the subtle nuances and feel comfortable with the plan you move ahead with.

What is High-Risk Insurance?

High risk insurance is a blanket term which refers to a number of scenarios in which an individual or business may be deemed more likely to be involved in an at-fault driving incident, potentially default on a payment(s), more likely to file a claim, or have had insurance-related issues in the past. As such, there exist a number of types of high risk insurance available to you.

High-Risk Car Insurance

High risk auto insurance is relevant to someone who may have a number of traffic violations or speeding tickets, has been involved in an at-fault accident, or who has been charged with impaired driving. Our high-risk insurance brokers will help you determine which plans are best for you, based on your unique situation.

High-Risk Home Insurance

High risk home insurance, or high-risk property insurance are needed for individuals who insurance companies have deemed to be more likely to default on a payment, or if your property and home are older, and likely to have more issues.

High-Risk Business Insurance

Are you having difficulty obtaining business insurance? Although there are a number of potential factors involved, you may want to look into whether or not you require high risk commercial insurance. This may be due to your line of work, or if you have had insurance related challenges in the past. Contact the professional high-risk insurance brokers of Regal to understand the obstacles you are facing in order to get the insurance you need.

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In addition to the personal service that only a family owned business can provide, Regal Insurance Brokers also brings substantial value to the table for you. We’ll act as your trusted confidant, guiding you through the sometimes-confusing high-risk insurance landscape to find the right option for you. Once you are comfortable with your plan, we’ll leverage our wide network of industry partners to find the best available rates in Ontario!

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