Wholesaler & Manufacturer’s Insurance

Many components must be in place for a wholesaler or manufacturing operation to function properly. Inventory must be accounted for, and workers need to be protected in busy warehouses where so much can go wrong at any given moment. The products being distributed must be safe enough for public consumption. Thankfully, a wholesaler & manufacturer’s insurance policy from Regal Insurance makes all of the above a guarantee.

A wholesaler & manufacturer’s insurance policy will protect you from risks and hazards like product damage, equipment breakdown, personal injury and more. A Regal Insurance broker will work closely with you to determine exactly what coverages your wholesaler & manufacturer’s insurance policy will require. The result? Your business and reputation will always be safe.

Wholesalers Business Insurance

Wholesale businesses face unique risks and challenges on a daily basis. Errors or accidents in one area of operations can have far-reaching effects that threaten many others. For this reason, general business insurance policies do not always offer adequate coverage to the wholesale industry. Luckily, a wholesalers business insurance policy from Regal Insurance provides many different protections that offer total security. These include but are not limited to:

  • product liability
  • building coverage
  • stock coverage
  • business interruption
  • equipment coverage
  • commercial general liability
  • errors & omissions liability
  • tenants legal liability
  • flood, earthquake & sewer backup coverage
  • crime coverage
  • transit coverage

Our qualified experts know your industry well. With years of experience protecting businesses just like yours, let them tailor a wholesalers business insurance policy that works for you.

Manufacturing Business Insurance

How many stories have we heard in the news about product recalls? Or of products injuring multiple consumers with consequences like lawsuits and even death. If manufacturing goods is part of your daily business operations, you require a manufacturing business insurance policy. A manufacturing business insurance policy will protect you in cases of:

  • building and equipment
  • business interruption
  • breakdown of production machinery
  • umbrella liability
  • products liability

Having helped many satisfied clients in the manufacturing industry, our team at Regal Insurance would be delighted to learn more about your business and create a policy that will always protect it.