Professional Liability Insurance

Professionals work for years and years to build their qualifications and reputation. Establishing yourself at the top of your field is a hard-earned accomplishment, and one that should never be taken away from you. Unfortunately, all too often, it can be. A lawyer mishandles crucial evidence, causing his client to be sent to prison. An accountant’s miscalculation results in a multi-million-dollar tax bill. The claims and law suits that can arise from these unfortunate circumstances are often enough to end careers.

Professional liability insurance from Regal will make sure that any one incident does not ruin the years of hard work you’ve put into establishing yourself. Call us today for a quote, and work with confidence every, single day.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

As a Regal customer, your professional liability insurance coverage will afford you all of the necessary protections that your career requires.

Commercial General Liability

When people are injured on your property, they may decide to sue you. This coverage protects you in bodily injury cases, excluding those resulting from malpractice or error.

Professional Liability

Often called errors & omissions, this coverage is for when your professional actions directly result in you being sued (i.e. mishandling of evidence, errors in accounting).

Office Contents

There are many valuable assets in your business, like furniture and appliances. All of them can be easily damaged by elements like fire and water, or get lost due to nefarious activities, such as theft. If this happens, office contents will cover their replacement cost.

Equipment Breakdown

An air conditioner goes out. An electrical surge wipes out your computer system. Equipment breakdown insurance covers repair or replacement of equipment you use in your day to day operations.

Cyber Liability

Documents on your computers contain incredibly sensitive information. If your system gets hacked, that information can easily fall into the wrong hands, with dire repercussions. Cyber liability insurance will reimburse you for any resulting financial damages. It is a crucial form of professional liability insurance coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance Quote

Don’t delay. With a professional liability insurance quote from Regal, your career will be immune to unfortunate twists of fate. Call us today!