Professional Liability Insurance

Anyone regularly providing a professional service to clients should carry professional liability insurance. The pet groomer who accidentally injures a Golden Retriever. The wedding photographer who mistakenly deletes all of the photos from the hall. The brain surgeon who malpractices.

Practitioners in these fields have worked years if not decades to build a successful life in their chosen occupation. Without the correct professional liability insurance coverage, however, one wrong move could cause their life’s efforts to collapse. When mistakes happen, professional liability insurance can save the day.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Professional Liability Insurance covers:

  • Business Liability
    Professional liability insurance coverage extends to any incident where a customer suffers injury on your premises or under your care and pursues legal action against you as a result.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
    Errors and omissions insurance coverage is crucial if you are a business owner. A professional liability insurance quote will keep you safe if, for example, a client claims that your advice resulted in a financial loss. This policy will cover associated legal expenses and damages.
  • Cyber Event Insurance
    Does your business use software as an integral part of your daily operations? If so you are susceptible to cybercrime. Your professional liability insurance coverage will protect you in the event that you are hacked or your data is compromised.

Professional Liability Insurance Quotes

Your professional liability insurance quote from Regal will protect you whether you are a self-employed professional or a major corporation in need of professional indemnity insurance.

Quotes for professional indemnity insurance can be obtained on-line, by phone, or in-person. Talk to a Regal Broker today and let us help you with your insurance needs.