Professional Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you in the event that a client sues you for damages resulting from your advice or professional services. What happens when a divorce lawyer drafts an inadequate marriage contract that ends up costing his client millions of dollars in a hefty settlement? Or when a corporate accountant’s incorrect math results in his client owing many millions of dollars to the government? Professional indemnity insurance will cover legal costs, settlement payouts, and other expenses arising from a potential lawsuit.

A Regal Insurance Broker will draft a policy that protects you from financial harm in cases like these.

Call us today and conduct business comfortably with the knowledge that you are always protected.

Business Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance is important for when your business is found legally responsible for damages and injuries caused to a person or their property. Maybe a client slips and falls on your sidewalk on a snowy December afternoon or their car is damaged in your parking lot. There are a few different types of business liability insurance.

General Liability
o Bodily Injury
o Property Damage
o Medical Expenses
o Slander
o Libel

Umbrella Liability
Provides added protection beyond the limits of a general liability policy and also carries the benefit of worldwide coverage.

Directors & Officers Liability
When members of your board of directors or organization are found personally responsible in a lawsuit against your organization. Coverage includes:
o Legal defense costs
o Financial losses resulting from a wrongful act committed by you or someone named in the policy

Errors & Omissions
Protects professionals in cases of:
o Breach of Contract
o Delay in Delivery
o Defective Designs
o Incorrect appraisals