Product Liability Insurance

You own a business that offers a product. You’ve been financially successful for years, providing the same items to the public. But what happens when your product is responsible for damaging or injuring one of your valued customers?

Whether it’s grocery store salad that’s been contaminated, or a washing machine that floods a family’s duplex, product liability insurance will protect you under many unfortunate circumstances.

Product liability insurance is necessary even if your product appears to be entirely safe. Regal Insurance policies for product liability insurance will cover you across a range of categories and services.

Product Liability Insurance Coverage

Regal Insurance product liability insurance coverage protects professionals and business owners from losses relating to a multitude of risks including:

  • Illness caused by food, beverages or vitamins you make or supply
  • Injury caused by the equipment you supply
  • Damage caused by software you design or provide

For many professionals, not carrying this essential product can mean losing customers, licenses and money. Regal Insurance provides product liability insurance coverage to psychologists, massage therapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, architects, engineers, business owners, and any field where output can lead to serious loss or injury.

Product Liability Insurance Quote

The stress of unwittingly injuring a customer is painful. It causes feelings of guilt, stress and can cause reputation wounds that can be difficult to repair. A product liability insurance quote from Regal Insurance is competitively priced and tailored to address the precise risks your business may encounter.
Get your product liability insurance quote from Regal today.