Cyber Liability Insurance

You own a business that allows customers to buy products or pay for services online. Perhaps there’s a repeat billing cycle, where you store their financial information so that a recurring charge can go through each month. How convenient!

Now what happens if a hacker breaks into your system and gains access to all of your customer’s billing data including credit cards and banking information?

The sad reality is that you could be sued for their losses. And if you don’t have cyber liability insurance you could be facing financial ruin.

Cyber liability insurance will protect you in the event of a system breach that compromises personal and commercial information. If your business has an online presence, a Regal Insurance broker can make sure you have the correct cyber liability insurance policy to suit your needs.

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

Our Regal Insurance team will ask you a number of questions to determine the best cyber liability insurance coverage for your needs:

  • Does your organization keep records that contain personal information?
  • Does your organization retain records containing sensitive commercial information?
  • What security measures can you take to reduce the risk and therefore the premium?

Cyber liability insurance coverage works most effectively when we know the exact nature of your business activities, so that any potential threat exposures can be accounted for well in advance.

Cyber Liability Insurance Quote

Our team of skilled brokers are standing by to offer an insurance package tailored to your needs.

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