Commercial Real Estate Insurance

You own a property that gives you a regular income. Perhaps it’s a strip mall you rent out to monthly merchants, or a warehouse you’ve leased to a mechanic. The bottom line is if it gets compromised, you get compromised.

That’s where we come in.

For over three decades, Regal Insurance Brokers has protected commercial real estate owners just like you. From your initial phone call, we’ll ask all the right questions to make sure you get the right coverage.

As a Regal customer, your business is as important to us as it is to you.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance Coverage

When looking at commercial insurance real estate rates, many are left wondering what their policy actually buys them.

A commercial real estate insurance policy from Regal will offer you:

  • Building coverage
    This protects the building itself. Teenagers vandalized your property? Bad weather just destroyed your roof? This coverage makes sure repairs and replacements are made in a timely manner.
  • Loss of Income coverage
    Imagine the income you’d lose if a thief stole all of your computers. Or a natural disaster wiped out your office. This form of real estate insurance will recover the amount of income that the unforeseen event caused you to lose. Loss of income real estate insurance covers things like routine bills and relocation support.
  • Premises Liability coverage
    This covers injury or harm that occurs on your property, affecting both customers and employees. When someone slips on your icy sidewalk and sues you, this real estate insurance coverage pays the costs associated with the lawsuit.
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage
    This is the breakdown of expensive machinery that your business needs to properly function. Let’s say a power surge ruins expensive electronics. This type of commercial real estate insurance covers replacement cost and shipping.

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