Business Contents Insurance

Have a look around your business: A quick scan of the room will reveal valuable property that you’d hate to see lost or damaged. The consequences could be disastrous, and grind your business to a halt. Say a roof leak destroys a new leather sofa in your lobby, or a power surge destroys valuable desktop computers. This is where business contents insurance comes in.
Business contents insurance is one of the key components of a commercial insurance policy. Whether you rent or own your premises, it protects all of your company’s assets located inside the actual place of business. At Regal Insurance, our Business Contents Insurance protects the following items against damage, loss or theft:

  • Office furniture
  • Computers
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Stock on Hand

Business Building Contents Insurance

At Regal Insurance, we will consider the nature of your business, and tailor Business Building Contents Insurance coverage to it specifically. We can add coverage like:

Replacement Cost Reimbursement

With typical insurance, when an item is damaged, you would be reimbursed for the repair or replacement cost (i.e. its depreciated value). If you select the Replacement Cost Reimbursement option at Regal Insurance, you would be reimbursed for the full cost of the item at today’s market price thanks to your Business Building Contents Insurance policy.

Consequential Loss Coverage

Consequential Loss Coverage will protect against losses when your stock is spoiled or ruined by elements like a change in temperature or humidity.

Floods and Water Damage Protection

Floods and Water Damage Protection will insure items that are damaged by water at the ground or surface level. Sewage backup coverage can be purchased separately.

Business Contents Insurance Quote

Furniture and equipment are crucial to the day-to-day operations of your business. When they get damaged, the cost of repair or replacement can be a financial blow to your bottom-line.
If you want to give your business the protection it deserves, speak to a Regal Insurance broker today and get a no-obligation business contents insurance quote. Our business contents insurance quote process will get you expert advice, and personalized service from the initial phone call through to claims processing.

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