Automotive Sales & Service Insurance

Automotive sales & service insurance provides important coverages to a wide spectrum of businesses. Perhaps you are a repair garage that fixes cars under tight turnaround times. You may be a specialty shop that handles glass repair, or a used car lot that sells second hand vehicles to the general public. Automotive sales & service insurance from Regal Insurance will allow you to conduct business with peace of mind.

Every day your business is exposed to liability risks that could cause enormous upheaval without proper protections in place. A Regal Insurance broker will work with you to tailor a policy to suit your business needs. Your automotive sales & service insurance policy will include necessary coverages like:

  • building & equipment
  • garage autos
  • collision to customer’s vehicles
  • broad form coverage
  • business interruption
  • extra expense
  • crime
  • computers

Car Service Insurance

Regal Insurance has decades of experience providing car service insurance policies that shop owners can count on. Our qualified brokers will get to know your business inside and out. This will help them determine exactly which coverages suit you best. These will likely include:

  • warranty of work – offers protection if you mistakenly install a defective part
  • tools & equipment –replacement tools and computers if yours are unusable due to damage
  • cyber – data recovery, e-commerce threats
  • crime – credit card forgery, employee dishonesty, theft
  • customers’ vehicles – liability and physical damage protection when on your premises
  • company vehicles – all of your company vehicles whether it’s one or a whole fleet

If you are in need of a car service insurance policy, speak to a broker at Regal Insurance today.

Car Sales Insurance

When it comes to car sales, accidents can have enormous repercussions. What happens if a car sold off of your lot malfunctions, causing a serious accident on the highway? Without a proper car sales insurance policy, you could be held responsible for damages including loss of income and even loss of life. A car sales insurance policy from Regal Insurance comes with everything you will need in to protect your business including coverage for:

  • personal injury
  • theft and damage
  • consumer complaint
  • errors & omissions (title prep, the odometer, truth in lending)

Your policy will allow you to conduct your business with peace of mind. Each new deal will be protected. Mistakes you make on the job will be easily accounted for.

Don’t leave the safety of your business to chance, call Regal Insurance today!