Auto Garage Insurance

An auto garage will have many of the same insurance needs as other small businesses, as well as ones that are industry-specific. What happens if one of your employees damages a car while it is being serviced? Or if a tree falls on a car waiting to be picked up by its owner? In addition to these risks and perils, auto garage insurance will protect your business from theft, fire and liability. Your auto garage insurance policy will include:

  • basic liability insurance (covers the basics, like a customer slipping and falling on your property)
  • coverage for all of your structures (you will want your building to be protected against fire and theft)
  • garage keeper’s insurance (protecting you when a customer’s car or property is damaged while in your possession)

Looking to purchase auto garage insurance? Speak to an expert at Regal Insurance today, and get coverage you can count on.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Auto repair shop insurance is a necessity for your business. Understanding which policy will suit you best requires a professional insurance broker. An expert at Regal Insurance will walk you through the different auto repair shop insurance packages, and help you select a policy that will protect your business when the worst happens. Depending on your needs, your broker may discuss a variety of insurance related items like:

  • special hazards coverage (for risks such as earthquakes, hail, floods and sewer backup)
  • deductibles (how much money will your business pay before insurance is activated?)
  • umbrella insurance (protects against catastrophic losses)
  • business interruption (covers lost income you suffer when risks or hazards prevent normal operations from being conducted for a period of time)
  • employee’s tools (covers the tools owned by your employees while they are on the premises at your shop)
  • pollution liability (covers expenses when your normal operations result in environmental pollution)

Get Your Auto Body Shop Insurance From Regal Insurance

At Regal Insurance, our team of qualified experts will truly get to know you and your business so that we can serve you in the most effective, cost-efficient way possible. No money wasted, no gaps in coverage. Our experienced team will help you choose the auto body shop insurance policy your business requires for protection that will be there when you need it. When a car needs to be inspected for safety, it is taken into a garage. For garages to operate safely, an auto body shop insurance policy is of the utmost importance. Call us today, and feel secure in the knowledge that your business is in great hands.