Alternative Therapist Liability Insurance

Do you offer any type of therapy that does not involve prescriptions or medication? Do you run a massage therapy or acupuncture clinic? If so, you would benefit from an alternative therapist liability insurance policy. Through regular, day-to-day operations, you are exposed to risks and hazards that can threaten your business. A policy from Regal Insurance will keep you protected.

Your alternative therapist liability insurance policy will include commercial general liability insurance which protects you if people are injured on your premises. It also protects you if your property gets damaged. You will also get medical malpractice coverage to account for those unfortunate accidents where patients are harmed in the process of receiving your professional services.

Massage Therapist Insurance, Chiropractor Insurance & More

Massage therapists and chiropractors do the important work of healing clients who suffer from nerve, joint and muscle issues. Massage therapist insurance and chiropractor insurance guards against any accidental injury you may cause to a client, and also protects your office, equipment, premises and more.

We know exactly how much can go wrong on a given day, and we are confident we can keep your business safe.

If you are looking for massage therapist insurance, or chiropractor insurance, we would love to discuss your needs. Call Regal Insurance now and get a policy that will keep you and your business protected.

Insurance For Therapists In Different Specialties

Regal Insurance offers insurance for therapists in a broad spectrum of healing professions including acupuncture, Ayurveda, naturopathic, Chinese medicine, osteopathy, and body movement. Regal Insurance also offers policies for those offering yoga, Tai chi, Reiki, electromagnetic therapy, meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback and more.

Typically, these businesses are small operations for whom a lawsuit or claim settlement could be financially devastating without the proper coverage. Imagine the possible financial consequences if a client at a Reiki studio slipped on the property and broke their leg. If sued and found responsible for damages like loss of income, the Reiki practitioner could easily be put out of business if they did not carry adequate coverage.

To keep yourself protected, get an alternative therapy liability insurance policy from Regal Insurance today.