Do You Need Additional Home Insurance for Backyard Weddings?

The intimacy of hosting friends and family in familiar surrounding makes backyard weddings extra special. Plus, you save money on the venue. Wedding planning requires attention to detail but there’s one detail not to overlook: liability insurance on your property. Believe it or not, intimate backyard celebrations are also a liability risk. No, it’s not the most exciting item on your to-do list but it’s an important one.

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Contractors Insurance in Ontario

The arrival of spring means the start of many new construction projects. Few industries carry as many risks as construction. Hazards like fire, property damage, personal injury and a host of others leave business owners exposed to serious liabilities on every job they tackle. Thankfully contractors’ insurance is an affordable security measure that will keep you and your workers more

#MeToo and the need for Directors & Officers Insurance

When news broke out about the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case, society became aware that sexual misconduct charges are being taken more seriously now than ever. The momentum of the #MeToo movement has empowered victims of sexual assault to let their voices be more

How Legalization of Cannabis Will Affect Insurance In Ontario

When laws change, the insurance industry changes. The Canadian government’s plan to legalize marijuana in October of 2018 will alter the landscape of both commercial and home & auto insurance in dynamic fashion. While the ink is not yet dry on legalizing cannabis, here are some of the ways it will affect the insurance industry once it becomes a reality.

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