Aviva Insurance Broker

Aviva insurance is one of our trusted partners. They offer car, home, and business insurance. Each Aviva insurance broker takes a hands-on approach to serve you better. By being more accessible and more proactive, Aviva can protect your assets with home insurance or car insurance. They aim to be a helping hand when you need it most. If you’re looking for advice, a new insurance plan, or an Aviva quote, contact our live support centre.

Regal Insurance’s top priority is to meet each individual client’s specific insurance needs by matching them with the optimal insurance product. This vision has resulted in us becoming a leading insurance provider in the Kitchener/Waterloo, London, and Cambridge region. We are now one of the largest family-operated brokers in the region, offering home, auto, life, and commercial insurance. We pride ourselves on matching insurance products and prices to suit the needs of every customer, all while providing excellent service.
In order to provide our clients with customized coverage at competitive rates, we represent a number of top Canadian insurance companies. We build strong relationships with our partners, and we ensure that our clients reap the benefits. Moreover, by staying independent, we’re able to match our clients with the partner that best suits their needs.

Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva car insurance rests on three pillars: comprehensive, customized, and quick. With these qualities, your car insurance will be sure to suit your unique needs. A qualified Aviva insurance broker will be watching out for your interests along the way. Their proactive policy ensures that you won’t have to go through the claims process alone. One of Aviva’s claims experts will be there to assist you if ever you need to make a claim, no matter what time of the day or night. Get in touch if you’re interested in an Aviva insurance quote.

Aviva Home Insurance

With Aviva home insurance, you can enjoy the same comprehensive, customized, and quick service that you’ve come to expect from an Aviva insurance broker. Aviva’s experts will help you find the right protection for your home and your family. Each insurance solution is specifically designed with your needs in mind. You’ll also enjoy ongoing support from their team. If you ever need to submit a claim, their experts will be right there to help you through it, from the submission process to any repairs that need to be made. If you’re looking for an Aviva quote for home insurance, call our live support centre.

Aviva Commercial Insurance

Aviva offers a wide variety of business insurance options across multiple industries. Aviva commercial insurance covers manufacturing and wholesaling, construction and contractors, realty, retail, education and organizations, hospitality and lodging, automotive, business and professional services, and warehousing, transportation and logistics. With an Aviva business plan, you’ll enjoy customized coverage for your unique business. Aviva can take care of your coverage so that you can focus on taking care of your customers. Get in touch for an Aviva insurance quote.