Our Family

Our family business story began with Joy Davis opening Regal Insurance in 1984. My dad, Paul Brockman, purchased the business in 2007, and I joined him shortly after. Our family business is just that, a family. We take this title seriously, and work to treat our employees, partners and clients with the same respect and dedication we do our own family. And we think you will be able to see that when you work with us.

As I think about our great company, I can’t help but be grateful to my father for making it happen. So I have written this open letter to say ‘Thank you’ properly:


I could start this letter out by thanking you for many things… for providing a roof over my head and food on my plate; for being at my soccer games; for every compliment you gave mom. From your example I’ve learned what it means to be a great husband and father.

You have encouraged me to reach for the stars and have done everything you can to lift me up. As business partners and co-owners of Regal Insurance Brokers it has brought us closer together. When you invested in Regal Insurance Brokers you also invested in my future and I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity.

I’m beyond grateful that I have a dad that I can go to for anything and you’ll be there to help me through it. Thank you for being my biggest supporter through everything I do!

This is just a small token of appreciation, thanks for not only being the best dad ever but my best friend! I love you!