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You operate your own business and work diligently to run it every day.  As such, protection of one of your most valuable assets is so important.  This is why we offer Kitchener business insurance, tailored to match your specific needs.

Because we have been serving the business insurance Kitchener community for over 30 years, Regal Insurance has the experience and expertise to partner with your Kitchener business.  Insurance is an integral part of the success of your company because it protects you on a daily basis from possible unforeseen losses or events.  These include general liability, business income and loss, commercial auto and property coverage, workmen’s compensation, and more.

Why Regal Kitchener Commercial Insurance?

We consider you a business partner when you obtain our commercial insurance.  Kitchener is an area we specialize in and we assess your specific small business insurance needs because no two businesses are alike.  We pride ourselves on being experts in large and small business insurance products and we know which of these services is best suited for your specific business.

We want to give you ultimate yet affordable coverage that will allow you to spend each business day feeling confident and protected.  Once we meet with you to discuss your specific needs and give you a business insurance quote, you can rest assured that you will know exactly what kind of coverage you need and why.  It is one of our guarantees.

Why Is Your Kitchener Business Insurance So Important?

There are risks to running a business or a commercial venture.  Among the biggest dangers to your business each and every day include:

  • Business Interruption – when your business is not open, you are losing revenue each day as well as potential customers
  • Cyber Risks and Hacking – with the sophistication of technology, every business is vulnerable to data breaches, identity theft, and e-commerce attacks that need to be protected
  • Employee Protection – accidents happen on the job. Our business insurance quote will give you and your employees a feeling of confidence knowing that you are both covered in case of an accidental mishap.

What Types of Industries Are Covered By Kitchener Business Insurance?

There are a wide variety of businesses that are covered by commercial insurance.  Kitchener and its local area include:

  • Home-based businesses
  • Auto Business
  • Veterinary & Doctor’s Offices
  • Hospitality & Retail Industries
  • Manufacturing & Transportation
  • Commercial Real Estate

No matter what business/commercial venture you own in Kitchener, commercial insurance is of utmost importance as is business insurance.  Kitchener also has such a diverse business sector that we, at Regal Insurance, are prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to serving you and the services you provide to the residents of our community.  Kitchener commercial insurance has you covered!

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