Medical Professional Insurance

There is no profession where mistakes are more costly than medical. Each day, doctors and healthcare practitioners are entrusted with the lives and well-being of their patients. When life is at stake, hazards and risks are a constant threat. What happens when a nurse doesn’t properly sterilize a support tube, causing a life-threatening infection? Or a lung specialist fails to detect early cancer? Medical professional insurance guarantees that one mistake won’t undo a career, years and years in the making.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage

At Regal, we offer medical malpractice insurance to:

  • Healthcare Clinics & Facilities
  • Individual Healthcare Professionals
  • Alternative Therapists
  • Assisted/Senior Care Facilities

Your medical malpractice insurance will provide you with a range of different coverages.

Commercial General Liability

Covers bodily injury and any property damage that occurs on your premises. Should you be found liable for a slip & fall claim, both damages and legal fees would be covered.

Medical Malpractice

Also known as errors & omissions, this covers any suits or claims arising from errors in your professional duties. Failure to diagnose or accidentally injuring a patient with your surgical tools are examples of the risks and hazards covered herein.

Property & Office Contents

Covers premises, patient records and medical equipment.

Equipment Breakdown

Machines are crucial for your day to day operations. Equipment breakdown insurance protects against power surges, short circuits, mechanical failure and staff errors that can destroy your lights, heating and computer systems to name a few.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Computers contain important patient information and data. This coverage protects against hackers and other information breaches resulting from cyber attacks.

Medical Professional Liability Insurance Quotes

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