Get Your Medical Clinic Insurance Quote

As the owner of a medical clinic, you take on a great deal of responsibility each day. Between caring for patients and the demands of operating an office, you are consistently exposed to liabilities that could compromise your business if proper protections are not in place.

A medical clinic insurance quote is a necessity for your practice. Most medical clinic insurance quotes offer coverage for both general liability and medical malpractice. Commercial general liability coverage will protect you in cases of bodily injury or property damages that occur on your premises. If a patient slips on a snowy sidewalk or your office gets vandalized, this component of your medical clinic insurance policy will cover any resulting damages. Medical malpractice coverage protects you in cases where your specific professional actions injure others. This includes failure to diagnose, surgical errors and many more risks and hazards that can easily put your career in jeopardy.

At Regal Insurance, our qualified experts have years of experience insuring medical clinics. Don’t leave yours unprotected. Get a medical clinic insurance quote from Regal Insurance today.

The Lowest Price Point For Medical Facility Insurance

Regal Insurance offers medical facility insurance to many different businesses in the medical sector. Perhaps you own a spa that offers massages and acupuncture treatments. You may operate a physical therapy centre that helps patients recover from unfortunate accidents. Medical facility insurance needs can differ greatly from business to business. With this in mind, our team of qualified experts will take every necessary measure to come up with a policy tailored specifically to your facility. Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing every risk is accounted for, and that your coverage limits can protect you from any lawsuit. What’s more, Regal Insurance will offer the most competitive coverage rates thanks to longstanding relationships with many of Canada’s top insurance carriers.

Lower your risk today, and get your medical facility the protection it needs.

Walk In Clinic Insurance

It happens in busy winters. It happens during flu season. Walk in clinics get bombarded to capacity with ill patients in need of immediate medical assistance. This comes with the enormous responsibility of constant people-managing while also having to administer care at a high level. Regal Insurance offers walk in clinic insurance that you can count on. General liability coverage will protect you from injuries that occur on your property, or events where it is damaged. Any errors made by medical personnel while on the job will also be covered by medical malpractice insurance. In a field where mistakes can cost careers, a proper walk in clinic insurance policy is a must-have.