Get Insurance For Assisted Living Facilities

The devoted workers at assisted living facilities look after the health and well-being of people whose age, health, or abilities don’t allow them to live independently. With comfortable accommodations and medical support on site, families can rest assured that their loved ones are always protected. But how do assisted living facilities protect themselves? Insurance for assisted living facilities offers reliable coverage for a wide range of risks and hazards. Policies offer protection for standard property damage as well as items specific to assisted living facilities, such as:

  • automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  • cases of emergency evacuation
  • equipment breakdown (computers & electrical equipment)
  • newly acquired or constructed property
  • building update requirements following a loss covered by the policy
  • coverage for crisis events, communicable disease and contaminated food
  • key person replacement expenses

If you are looking to purchase insurance for assisted living facilities, speak to an expert at Regal Insurance today.

Retirement Home Insurance

Retirement home insurance protects retirement homes from the financial repercussions that occur if they are found liable in a lawsuit. From slip and fall, to contagious illnesses, life at a retirement home can be full of cautions. A retirement home insurance policy will offer your business general liability coverage that will be there when you need it. Let an expert from Regal Insurance draft a retirement home insurance policy that leaves nothing to chance.

Insurance For Nursing Homes

Imagine a scenario where a nursing home is sued after a resident accidentally falls down the stairs and dies. Without adequate insurance for nursing homes, a lawsuit might cause the business to shut down, resulting in all of the remaining residents needing to suddenly pack up and relocate. The consequences of such events are catastrophic, but completely avoidable if owners protect themselves in advance.

Quality care for the elderly depends on strong policies that protect the places they live in. A good insurance policy gives peace of mind to both owners and residents alike. If you are looking for insurance for nursing homes, speak to an expert at Regal Insurance today, and get a policy that works when you need it.