Individually Rated Auto Insurance vs. Fleet Insurance

Do you own a business where multiple vehicles are registered under the company name? If this is the case, two forms of insurance coverage are available to you: Individually rated commercial auto insurance, and fleet insurance.

Individually rated commercial auto insurance is very similar to personal automobile coverage where vehicles are rated based on specific risk factors like accident history, and the age of the vehicle. Customers best suited for this type of policy include contractors, wholesale deliverers, distributors, manufacturers and service technicians.

Conversely, fleet insurance is a policy where five or more vehicles are registered under a company name. In terms of pricing, unlike individually rated commercial auto insurance, fleet insurance quotes are based on loss ratio, geography, light & heavy commercial use, and certain other unique factors.

With years of experience in the commercial auto sector, the Regal Insurance sales team will work closely with you to determine which policy suits your business best. If you have vehicles registered to your company, speak with a Regal Insurance broker today and give your business the protection it needs.

Multi-Car Insurance

Today, most households require multi-car insurance. Families with children of driving age may need to insure multiple vehicles. Rather than getting a quote or purchasing coverage for each car individually, multi-car insurance offers a discounted rate to protect all of the vehicles that you use each day. Once our Regal Insurance experts know the age and history of the drivers in your household, as well as the vehicles that you are looking to insure, we will get you the best rate on the market.

Mini Fleet Insurance

If you own a small business that uses multiple vehicles as part of regular operations, mini fleet insurance is a cost-effective option that you will want to consider. Mini fleet insurance can cover a wide spectrum of vehicle types. It also gives you the option to insure ‘any driver’ and get the vehicles rated as a single risk that is spread across your portfolio. This makes renewal dates and payments easier to manage. When quoting this product, a Regal Insurance broker will look at factors like the purpose of your fleet, geographical considerations and mileage, and will tailor a policy to suit your needs.

If you are looking to insure a mini-fleet of three vehicles or more, speak to a Regal Insurance broker today. Our team of qualified experts are happy to assist you.