Home Business Insurance

Operating a business from your home has significant implications for your home insurance. You may not realize it, but when clients or employees come to your house for business purposes you may not be covered by the standard liability policy that came with your home insurance. Home Business Insurance will make sure that you are protected should any misfortunes arise. It will cover your equipment, inventory on and off the premises, and business interruption insurance

Let’s say, for example, you run a tutoring business at your home address. One of your clients, a high-school student, arrives on a wintery day and falls, injuring his back. If his family decides to sue you, and you have not purchased home business insurance, you might be held liable for a large financial settlement.

Home based business insurance is available by itself or it can also be purchased as an extension on your home insurance policy. If your house is significantly larger than the typical one-to-two person dwelling, however, you may have to purchase home business insurance separately.

The Importance of Home Based Business Insurance

As a home business owner, your domestic and professional responsibilities happen under the same roof. Your home business insurance coverage will protect the equipment you need to run your home-based business, including furniture, computers, expensive software, cell phones, fax machines and printers. Having to replace these yourself in the event of a catastrophe is enough to financially wipe out many upstart businesses. Protect your assets: Regal is available to provide home business insurance quotes today.

Home Business Insurance Quotes

At Regal, we provide home based business insurance coverage from all the major carriers in Canada, and work diligently to get you the right price for your home based business insurance. Your home based business insurance broker will ask all the right questions, making sure you get the exact policy you require.