High-Risk Commercial Insurance

Sometimes doing business can be risky, but don’t jeopardize your business by not having the appropriate high-risk commercial insurance coverage! Regal Insurance knows every business is different, and that each owner deserves the right type and amount of high-risk business insurance.

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At Regal Insurance, we help businesses determine if they have a high-risk business and thus are considered a higher insurance risk. A high-risk business is often one with high liability, is located within a high-risk area, or is within an unstable industry. Often these types of businesses have a higher track record of claims and potential lawsuits against them, entailing extra support from brokers because of their unique insurance requirements.

High-risk commercial insurance is generally allotted into three categories: high-risk commercial auto, high-risk commercial property, and high-risk business.

High-risk commercial truck or auto insurance:

You may need high-risk commercial truck or auto insurance because:

  • You’ve allocated a number of tickets, accidents, or claims
  • You have a new business that requires a vehicle, but have no prior insurance history
  • You drive for your business
  • You operate a high-risk vehicle

High-risk commercial property insurance:

You may need high-risk commercial property insurance because:

  • You own a vacant property
  • You rent business spaces, have rentals or student housing
  • You have high-risk tenants
  • You are located in a remote or high-risk area

High-risk commercial business insurance:

You may need high-risk commercial business insurance because:

  • You operate a high liability business
  • You reside in a high-risk location
  • Your business is a high financial risk

At Regal Insurance, we understand that these types of high-risk commercial insurance require coverage that surpasses what is covered by standard insurance policies. Our high-risk insurance brokers offer a wide range of products and solutions and are dedicated to helping you find the best high-risk insurance coverage to protect your auto, property, and business interests. We are devoted to helping our clients understand why they may be labelled high-risk and what kind of unique insurance coverage they require.

Choose Regal Insurance for all your high risk commercial insurance needs.

Regardless of the type of high-risk business you own, Regal Insurance actively seeks the best high-risk commercial insurance coverage for all our Waterloo clients.

Choose Regal insurance because:

  • We have served the Kitchener and Waterloo region for over 30 years as a leading provider of home, auto, life, travel, and commercial insurance.
  • We have a simple vision of matching insurance products and pricing to meet the needs of each individual.
  • We continue to build on our strong company foundation by regularly introducing new technology, insurers, and products to increase the value we offer to our clients.
  • We are one of Waterloo’s most cost-effective insurance brokerage companies, and we will make sure your premiums are competitive while providing you with comprehensive high-risk business insurance coverage.
  • We take the time to understand your needs, priorities, and budgetary concerns when it comes to home, auto, life, travel, and commercial insurance.
  • We deliver best-in-class client service through our dedicated staff of professional insurance brokers.
  • We will make you feel safe and secure by covering all of your personal insurance or commercial insurance needs.

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At Regal Insurance, our independent high-risk commercial insurance brokers are available anytime to provide you with a high-risk insurance quote. We get to know you and represent your best interests from the very beginning with an introductory phone call to claims processing. We take the time to understand your needs, priorities, and budgetary concerns when it comes to providing you with a high-risk insurance quote for your business. When you work with us at Regal Insurance, you choose superior client service that will align you with the best insurance coverage for your high-risk business. Let us support you in finding the right high-risk business insurance coverage; contact us at 1-800-516-6276 to speak to one of our experienced high-risk insurance brokers today!