Roofing Contractor Insurance

Roofing is a dangerous business. Cold winters at high altitudes leave roofers exposed to many hazards and risks on a daily basis. The last worrying thought you need when perched on top of a high building is “Will I be protected if something goes wrong?” Roofing contractor insurance is a necessary precaution for all of the hardworking people in your field. If your actions result in an injury to you or others, it is important to know that your family and finances will be protected.

A Roofing Contractor Insurance Policy is a perfect solution for:

  • Hot Built Up Roofing (BUR)
  • Cold Membrane, EDPM & Cold Bur Roofing
  • Hot Mop Roofing
  • Shakes, shingles, tiles & metal cladding
  • Torch on membrane roofing

Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage

Roofing contractor insurance coverage from Regal provides you with all of the necessary protections

General Liability Insurance

A shingle falls and hits someone in the head. An overloaded roof causes structural damage to a home you’re working on. A propane tank penetrates an electrical wire, causing a house fire. General liability coverage can save the day in all instances of fire, water and property damage.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Getting from job to job on time is an everyday necessity. A crash on the highway or theft of your work van can completely disrupt your schedule. This coverage guarantees quick repairs and any needed rental vehicles.


A roofer’s tools are not inexpensive. When tar kettles, hydraulic lifts or gravel spreaders are stolen or compromised, it is better to have your insurance policy foot the bill than take it on yourself.

Equipment Breakdown

Almost nothing is worse than the malfunction or breakdown of important equipment in the middle of a job. This form of roofing contractor insurance will pay for the repair or replacement costs and any losses incurred as a result of work stoppages.

Roofing Contractor Insurance Quotes

To make sure you’re truly safe up there, call a Regal broker and inquire about roofing contractor insurance quotes. Get the job done with confidence, and always be protected.