Contractors Insurance

Are you a general contractor? A construction tradesperson? If so, you know that on any given day there’s a lot that could go wrong. Let’s say you step away from the site for a quick coffee only to come back and find your tools gone. Or perhaps the new staircase you installed in a customer’s house has collapsed and it’s your fault. It’s for these reasons that you need contractors insurance.

Contractors insurance will make sure that errors and accidents that happen on your worksite don’t result in big losses that are difficult to recover from. Contractors insurance offers many different kinds of coverage, and Regal Insurance is happy to provide some of the most reliable contractors insurance on the market.

Contractor Insurance Coverage

Contractor insurance coverage from Regal Insurance will protect you across a wide range of categories.

Contractor insurance coverage will protect your property (building, stock, equipment) and offer you liability coverage in the event that you are sued for causing damage or injury. In addition, commercial auto, equipment breakdown and surety bonds are protected by contractor insurance coverage.

General Liability Insurance for Contractors

In an industry where your workplace is constantly under construction, you and your clients are vulnerable to a host of threatening mishaps. What happens when you incorrectly install a chandelier that falls and gives the homeowner a concussion? Or an uneven floor causes one of their guests to sprain their ankle, months after you’ve finished the job? It’s in these and other scenarios that general liability insurance for contractors is a must. In short, general liability insurance for contractors means that you can work in peace, and walk away from the job knowing it truly is complete. No surprises. No lawsuits.

Contractor Insurance Quotes

In your line of work, time is precious. Contractor Insurance Quotes from Regal Insurance are done quickly with an eye for detail. Our contractor insurance quotes will make sure that when you go to the job site, there are no gaps in your coverage.

Call a Regal Insurance broker today for contractors insurance you can count on.