Commercial General Liability Insurance

It’s a rainy day. The sidewalks are wet and slippery, and pedestrians are walking with caution. Suddenly, one of them slips on the front step of your business and breaks their wrist. Unfortunately, that person is a local surgeon who is now suing you because she won’t be able to perform surgeries for the next year.

Can you afford to pay that suit, which will order you to cover her annual salary?

Thankfully, with commercial general liability insurance you won’t need to. Commercial general liability insurance protects your business when it’s financially responsible for injuries or property damage resulting from:
Your Product
Your Operations
Accidents (slips, falls) that occurred on your premises
Accidents on your customer’s premises caused by your negligence

Commercial general liability insurance offers a wide range of different coverages

CGL Insurance

A CGL Insurance policy from Regal Insurance will be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. CGL Insurance can provide additional coverage including:

Excess Liability (for claims exceeding the limits of your standard policy)
Losses resulting from allegations of discrimination
Errors & Omissions
Liability from use of a non-owned vehicle
Product recalls
Advertising injury liability (when promises you have made have not been kept)

CGL Insurance is a necessary asset for any business. A Regal Insurance policy will make sure you’re always protected.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote

As a business owner, you know that accidents can happen. The little ones are manageable, but the big ones can be catastrophic. Your commercial general liability insurance quote from Regal Insurance will take your specific needs into account and make sure you get the right commercial general liability policy for total protection.

The correct commercial general liability insurance coverage can be the difference between a business having to close its doors or staying open. Our Regal Insurance brokers are waiting by the phone, and are happy to provide you with a commercial general liability insurance quote today.

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