Get All Forms Of Auto Fleet Insurance

Does your business own multiple vehicles that it relies on to carry out daily operations? Perhaps you own a fleet of delivery trucks that bring your products to customers every day of the week. You might own a limousine company that chauffeurs clients to special events or the airport. For any business with multiple vehicles, auto fleet insurance is an absolute necessity. Auto fleet insurance policies come with a number of protections for the potential accidents or liability issues your business may face. These include:

  • coverage against under insured or uninsured drivers that are at fault
  • coverage for high-value and refrigerated cargo in transit
  • roadside assistance
  • temporary vehicle replacement
  • protection for off-road vehicles (i.e. those that are used on a construction site)
  • coverage for leased or rented vehicles

In addition to the list above, auto fleet insurance protects you against financial losses that may occur when business is disrupted due to transportation issues. A Regal Insurance broker would be pleased to assist you with finding the perfect auto fleet insurance policy for your business. With this in hand, you can rest assured that your business will run safely and successfully, immune to the unpredictability of circumstance. Call Regal Insurance for your no obligation quote today.

Delivery Truck Insurance

Regal Insurance provides delivery truck insurance to many different types of businesses. These include but are not limited to:

  • couriers
  • household goods movers
  • expeditors
  • retail operations
  • food delivery (grocery & restaurant suppliers)
  • … and more

Depending on the nature of your business, your delivery truck insurance needs may vary. In addition to the coverages specified above, policies also typically include liability coverage which protects you from damage or injury to people or property that you have accidentally caused. Physical damage coverage is also included in the event that your vehicle is involved in an accident. Since the value of the goods being delivered varies from business to business, so too can the cost of policies, depending on the value of the cargo.

Taxi Insurance

Regal Insurance also offers taxi insurance. If you own a cab company with many vehicles on the road each day, we can provide taxi insurance for your fleet.

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