Coverage For Your Home-Based Business

home business insurance

If you run a business out of your home, you should take note that your homeowners, condominium or tenants policy does not automatically protect your business. In most cases, it does not. In fact, unless your insurance company is aware of your home-based business, you may even void your home policy.

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The Difference Between Flood and Sewer Back-up

What’s the distinction between Flood and Sewer Back-up?

A flood can be caused by spring run-off, melting snow, an overflowing river, lake or stream, or even a swimming pool. Excessive groundwater build-up that enters your home via leaks or seepage is also considered flooding. read more

Who Needs a Personal Umbrella

Life Insurance

Are you considering a pool or thinking of buying a home with a pool? If so, please read on.

A swimming pool can be a wonderful escape from the summer’s heat. To fully enjoy your pool, make sure you have the right insurance protection. read more

Protect Your High Value Items

Boat Insurance Ontario

Ask us about adding a Personal Articles Floater

A typical homeowner’s policy provides all encompassing coverage for your furniture, clothing, appliances, etc., but only limited coverage for some of your more personal belongings. read more